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Sunday, September 11
Gem Lake
No biking today. Hiking in RMNP.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I have national park service map and Gem lake is not marked on it. Give me a couple of landmarks so i can figure out where you were on my crappy little map ;)

Blogger debaser said...
It's on Lumpy Ridge - Look north of Estes Park. It's tiny, easy to miss on the map.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Got it thanks!

Blogger mw said...
what's your thoughts on hiking?

me? i like that its something that karen and i (and 2 little ones) can do together. but i keep thinking that i wish i was on my bike. but, you do get a different and more focused picture of your surroundings. right? anything to add??

Blogger debaser said...
I only hike where I can't ride my bike, i.e. Wilderness, National Park, Boulder Mountain Parks, etc. I'd love to ride those trails but it's illegal.

It's almost a bit more like road riding: I get more into a groove and zone out a bit, where on the mtb, I'm alert and focused and constantly adjusting.

Aas for the hike Sunday, the first 1/2 would have been a tough ride, steep, stairs, etc, the second half would have been hike-abike, too tight swithbacks, big rock ledges in inopportune places. As a hike, it was a moderately technical two hour out and back with a little dessert at the end. I like it, but I don't give up many days of rising for the boots.

I can imagine that it's a great family sport.

Blogger redstone said...
I likey hikey but I agree with Debaser. I prefer to hike in a place I can't ride. I can get in a pretty good zone hiking but it's not like on a bike. For me, hiking is good for spacing out and letting the mind wander.