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Thursday, September 22
new wheels

i wished these rims were available when i first built the frame but they werent' so i had to wait. but i scored a king rear SS disk hub and laced it to a bonti mustang disk 9er rim and then relaced the paul Fhub to a matching rim. bling! i think the black rims look wicked man. wicked.
Blogger scott showen said...
looking good matt.

Blogger redstone said...
straight pimpin'

Blogger J.R.A. said...

Looks good. I'm taking the step into single speed next week. I have a GF Rig coming on Monday.

Any recomendations on gearing, MW?


Blogger mw said...
i run 34x17 around town, on gravel and at wilderness. 32x20 at platte, ponca, indian cave, lewis and clarke, the laramie enduro, anything in colorado etc. that's a good climbing gear for me in other words. and you can use the same chain. so it stays on the bike which makes life easier. 32x18 just doesn't do it for me. too hard. but i have a 19 now and have yet to use it. the only oddball place i sometimes ride is swanson and the best gear there is 32x17, just under my 'normal' gear. i love SS. it's faster on rolling courses for me. keeps you motovated.

Blogger debaser said...
Mr. Chi's running a stock Rig here - and climbing the big stuff on it.

Of course, he's not human.

I've been running 32x19 on my 26'er but it was too low for anything but climbing. My other ghetto setup allows a 32x16. I think it's going to hurt.