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Wednesday, September 7
More SD vacation pics. No dead presidents were harmed,

View from the campsite:

Ride from the campsite:

Needle's Eye

Twolaning it.

Last picture, almost sunset over our mountains:
Blogger mw said...
i took 2-lane from albuquerque to lincoln last time i drove home from my dad's and i think that's the way to go. the interstate is too busy and too stressful. plus i like rollin thru the little towns.

Blogger MOD said...
So are these pics of some of that 100 mile trail you blokes were talkin' about in the Black Hills? It looks pretty sweet. After Pancakes and I hit Pine Ridge this spring it got me thinking of heading up there again.

Blogger debaser said...
Not the 100miler, the instiogators were closer to your neck of the woods. Next time I think it's going to be the Dakota 5-0. A bunch of unsigned generally unknown trails that get opened for the race once a year.

The dudes at ACME were super cool about giving the trail info. Also had about 10 Revendells and a Stinky sharing floor space.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Count me in for the next trip to the Hills!

Love the eye of the needle pic.

Blogger Wolfman said...