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Thursday, September 1

may take a while but he'll get the hang of it. i took advice from the dark knight and removed the cranks, chain, pedels and training wheels. this way, i figure, he can get the feeling for balance. he already can ped his 3 wheelers. it's balance that is the difficult part. i just push him around the block and make him steer where he wants to go. we'll see... Posted by Picasa
Blogger pcakes said...
very cute! he'll get it. keep us posted

Blogger debaser said...
Interesting idea for teaching. I'm sure he wants to go play with daddy, so he'll get it soon enough!

Blogger 3p0 said...
Good luck Tally, you can do it.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Way to go tally keep it up!

Sierra and i have been practicing this way also. She keeps saying "After me practice can i have my wheels back" she means training wheels little does she know she will never see them again.

Blogger mg said...
how's it coming along??? curious minds want to know. i need to get over there and witness the miracle of le petite velo for my own self.

talley bug for president!!