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Friday, September 23

Melissa and i got invited to a show at the Rococo Wenesday night by Mr. and Mrs. Wolfman. Thanks guys! Since they took us to the show we decided we would take them to dinner. First attempt was to eat at Sher-E-Punjab for some tasty indian food. Due to a power outage that went from 27th and O street all the way to a few blocks befor the haymarket. So we went to The Oven and it was yummy! The pic is of Melissa getting Grace Potter to sign here CD. Cool band this chic has a great voice.
Anonymous mzdiddy said...
She DOES have great voice!After 3 gin & tonics, I had to stalk her for the rest of the night.(at the bar, in the bathroom, lobby, etc)
Thanks to the Wing-Wings for a great night!