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Wednesday, September 14
Evening ride
It's that time of the year where I don't have after work rides, I have evening rides, where I'm trying to make the most of the daylight I've got after work. So, tonihgt, a Mr. Chi, who sold his mountain bike after a ride he and I did in yellow aspens near Ned TWO years ago. He bought a new bike this week to replace it, and is stoked to be riding again. Here you go:

Blogger redstone said...
Nice. I bet the trail was good after a rain. It's been a year since I've been to Heil. Now that the Lyons side is marked "no bikes" all over the place, I have to drive to ride it. How's Mr Chi doing these days? Good to see him back on dirt.

Blogger debaser said...
We were leaving first tracks on the dirt. SUPER good, way better than I've seen it. And empty when we got there, literally, and only 2 other cars in the lot when we left.

Saw Mr. & Mrs. Chi afterwards over beer and wings, he's digging the bike, but thinking about some different gearing. New car too, S4. Looks sweet, I'm scheming to get a ride in it this weekend.