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Thursday, September 1

baptism, naw. blessing from a thai budhist monk, sure. Posted by Picasa
Blogger sda said...
that is sweet. can't wait to meet her in a couple weeks dub.


Blogger MOD said...
That's good stuff!

Blogger debaser said...
Clash of the (culture) Titans!

I can say, personally. that cultues from a third of the way around the world sure can seem differnet sometimes. Thanks for the pic. All the best to Liam, can't wait to meet her.

Blogger mw said...
even whitey (me) has some stories about monks and these ceremonies.

women aren't spose to touch the monks. and monks only eat for an hour once a day. and their food is spose to be given to them by the people they are visiting. therefore, they are spose to be served the meal by the men. well, the men have figured out that if they attend then they will be put to work so if you are a man and show up you are likely to be only one of a few. i think its funny. there were so few men at this one even i had to help serve. i was on rice duty.