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Tuesday, September 6
Elliot Bay Cyclery

While we were down at the Pike St Market I also had a chance to spend some time in Bill Davidson's shop. Man-oh-man nostalgia covered from ceiling to floor....old NOS stuff evreywhere, a frame shop in the back, and mechanics that have been around for a long while....this place could easily be one of my favorites. Check out some of the pictures i took while in there.
Blogger mg said...
those are incredible... thanks for sharing the pics from you trip chad.

... matching paramount frames?!! those were paramount frames when paramount frames were actually cool! what year were those from?

thanks again brother,

Blogger Wolfman said...
thanx for the pics. my brother gave me an old Raleigh, early 70's, great shape, and the pic of the Taylor gave me some ideas for restoration on the Gran Sport!!

Blogger Chaybo said...
Gersib....your guess would be as good as mine as for the age of them. But if you want a guess i'd say early 70's maybe late 60's ... Dave ?

My camera didn't show it, but both frames had horizontal drops and both were gorgeous. A mighty nice fixie project for some lucky fella.

Right when i took the pics of the pair Bill walks out from the back room and we chatted for a bit. Mostly about XC sking if you can believe it.

The first time i went into this shop i was totally geeked out by the fact that they had a frame shop in the back...and Bill was kind enough to take me on a tour and talk me thru the process. That was about 3 or 4 yrs ago.

Blogger mw said...
sort of reminds me of the yellow jersey in madison. that place had my neck hurting from looking in the ceiling at all the crusty old new crazy bikes.

Blogger mg said...
i was thinking those paramount frames were from about 1972, so they're probably as old as i am... crazy for nos. i'd love to have one of those.

nate's shop is at the point where you'll hurt your neck looking at all of the sweet bikes that aren't for sale! For a small shop, it's got a disproportionately large number of neck-snappers.

chad, i bet your shop is that way too. hopefully i'll get to see it sometime soon, since i've never actually been able to personally witness the amazing barn.