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Monday, September 26
weekend ride pics

wuz up boys ??

Well...Tra and i had a damn good weekend and we even were able to share a nice/beautiful/sunny Sunday together out on the bikes......I was so friggin excited to get rolling that i made the small error of leaving the spd shoes at home ! wtf, why do i forget these items of necessity at home so frequently. You know you leave your shoes behind regulary when you can actually laugh about it. Such was the spirits dampened and the ride was BRILIANT.

later, Chad
Blogger redstone said...
Looks awesome Chaybo. For that very reason, I keep a backup pair of shoes in my car. And a backup set of cage pedals!

Blogger Wolfman said...
wow that's wild!, we seen DK riding thru wilderness with those exact spd sandles on. are those purdy comfy?, i've seen other pairs, too.

Blogger debaser said...
I'm scrolling down thinking, that's a gay pose by Chad, where'd he learn that, the handsome boy modeling school? Then I saw the sandals and knew somthing was up.

Blogger Chaybo said...
dude..... a one hour and twenty minute climb in sandals. You can call the picture gay if you'd like, BUT hell...i call it bragging rights !!!

Blogger Chaybo said...
dave...thanks for the salt in my wound, ahem...i mean thanks for the tips.

Blogger insanet said...
I wouldn't know anything about forgetting my shoes or anything else.