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Thursday, April 17
One Rabbit Valley Photo
I'm behind on sharing the Rabbit Valey/Fruita pictures. I can come up with a few excuses, but noone wants to hear them, so I'll get to the one magic shot of the weekend. First day out, time to descend into the sand trap trails. I snap a few photos of the crew heading into the Sarlacc Bowl, and captured this:

Great view to start the trip, eh? Here's the closeup:

Caught the first wipe out of the trip for all to see.
Blogger mw said...
looking forward to some more of your pics. that's sweet that you caught the mayhem at the bottom of this decent.

Blogger scott showen said...
I'm glad i was one of the first ones down there so i could watch everyone make the descend. good thing dave didn't mess anything up. we all did a pretty good job that weekend keeping the rubber side down.

Blogger MG said...
that's what those suckers get... oh wait! i was one of the suckers on the ground!

that was funny. dave washed out to the outside. i high sided to the inside. classic...

that wasn't the only time i wiped out that day either.

Blogger sda said...
no no no, there is no crashing going on in that picture. dchase is doing a super man - the camera angle makes it LOOK like he's crashing. mg is simply in the middle of a reverse knack-knack.

those boyz gots mad skillz yo!!!