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Friday, November 11
Bruce Gordon's rear flasher looks like the new "Bullet" rear flashers are finally available. I REALLY liked the looks of these little things, and i'm glad his bike caught my eye long enough to actually notice a pair of them mounted, cleanly hanging from the rear eyelets. These little LED 's were one of the cleanest looking at the show. Machined aluminum and comes in black or silver. Plus, Bruce is go buy one !
Blogger debaser said...
dem's purty.

I've put in 90 miles commuting this week, 75% on the cross bike, which I *think* has mounts for such a light.

If yer selling, how much?

Blogger Chaybo said...
nice job with the commuting Ganz ! I probably get about the same amount each week going into work too ; )

i believe price on those rear flashers are gonna be about $35.

Blogger debaser said...
Most I've commuted in a week in a long long time, not to mention after daylight saving time.

so you must get 90 seconds of cummuting time a week?