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Monday, November 7
Good weekend for riding!

MW riding through the gully. I have a video of everyone else. I'll try and get it posted later tonight.

I have almost a year on the ENO. I had one problem with a stripped axle bolt early on but its been all good ever since. Cleanest way to turn your favorite old frame into SS.

Everyone chipped in to cut the stump off of the log ride. It was like the Stihl chainsaw crosscut championship. I think mw was wounded in the effort?

Hanging at the Bridge before turning around.

Took the new Jake out for a half a lap. I ran into everyone at the pyramid. I also meet someone named mitch who was trying to get a tacoed rim on his cross bike straight enough to get him home. Said he had a headon couple turns back. I was bummed for him his wheel was FOOOOOKED UP! He said it was the perfect reason to upgrade and was on his way. I hope this weekend is as good as this last one!
Blogger 3p0 said...
That would be mitch gonzales...

aka the white mexican. I think he head on'd Charlie Martie.

boys gotta get a bell, and use it.

Blogger debaser said...
Wasn't Wilderness all about racing from one end of the park to the other? There's what, 20 people chilling on the bridge? Cool stuff.

Blogger mg said...
jeezus... we just about went head-on with charlie yesterday too. what is it with him?! ep had a head-on incident with him a couple of months ago that i got to witness first-hand... i like bells!

let's be careful out there! ding ding!

Blogger redstone said...
and Todd is sportin' the old school HH jersey!

Blogger Chaybo said...
Hey Dave...the HH jersey was the first thing I noticed!! Ah, the good ol days...Tracy

Blogger debaser said...
there was a good shot of him over at folks from. I did the super double take. That's the one hh jersey I'm not sure I still have.

Blogger Beerorkid said...
I saw a guy taking the creek crossing pics, must of been you.

any way i was the drunk guy, that should narrow it down. he he

I am a bell whore. I even obsess on how to position the bell for best access.

Lucky for me I had some tunes kicking cuz I need not worry about being in the lead, middle=safe. I dinged with the tunes.

The strange thing is, with all my miles through there the bell has never been lifesaving. Same for my helmet until Sat. best $45 I ever spent. Hope I get to say that about my incredibell sometime.

Blogger htop said...
be careful out there. i have a close call almost every trip.

Blogger mg said...
... my bell, or my yelling "bike, Bike, BIKE!" has saved my ass on at least 50 percent of the rides i've done through wilderness in the past 4 months or so. in fact, it saved me twice on my ride this past tuesday.

if you hear the ding ding, company's comin'. keep your ears open, and have a nice ride!