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Sunday, November 27

Was this the race Chaybo?
Blogger Chaybo said... pics that you scavenged up. I've got copies of those same pics ...SOMEWHERE. I do believe they are from my last L&C adventure. Think they are from 95' ?

I also just happen to have some race footage shot by J. Morden from that same day...probably in the same pile as the race pics.

That's GB Burchett (or birdshit as MG likes to say) standin' beside me....damn i miss that feller.

THansen pimpin' my old Amp B-2.

Tray sportin' some true 90's fashion....go blue or go home !

Ganz....with his infamous shit eating grin.

How about my dope Troy Lee visor !! like riding in an eclipse with that thing on. Surprised the race organiser didn't make me flag it for safety precautions.

what a bunch of goofy mtbers

Blogger redstone said...
Yep, that was '95 - year of the ParkPre Pro 825

Blogger mg said...
as i recall chaybo, you and i had an incredible sprint at the finish of that race (for second place behind stolte). i remember b. kelley flatted about 400 yards from the finish and we all just went into chaos! there's a pic from that race of chaybo and i at the finish, and there's a big-ass roost coming off my back tire -- like i'm almost sliding sideways coming across the line!

those were the goood 'ol days...