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Friday, November 25
lewis and clarke

wow. sweet ride today. 48th and pierce in omaha over to lewis and clarke. i'll do this again. its a good warm up and nice urban assault. and the 480 bridge over the mighty mo keeps it interesting.
Blogger redstone said...
Cool photo - I like riding at LC.

Blogger debaser said...
I was wondering how the O crew got to Couciltucky. That's gotta be tough with water on one side and deathmobiles on the other.

Blogger mw said...
i remember the trip over the bridge being sketchier but last time i was with tony n. and i think we got on an exit too early!


Blogger Chaybo said...
i just tried to think back just how long it's been since my tires have laid contact with the dirt over at Lewis and clark, and my guess is 95 or 96. Of course it was in race conditions and the ability to totally enjoy the trail was thrown out the window. I think it was a Dan Jennings race. And one if not both Kelley boys kicked everyone's asses.

I hear from lots of folks that the riding there has gotten better and better. Anyone know how many miles of trail that are there now ?

Blogger RF said...
Great ride MW. Top notch way to burn off the turkey & stuffing. L&C is super fun, flows very well, approx 4mi of trail.... about 40 mins from my front door.

And yes, the 480 bridge ain't as bad as it seems.

Blogger debaser said...
Good trivia game chaybo - last time I remember was winter, w/mw, from sh1thouse's house. Seemed like it was some sort of holiday, maybe thanksgiving, and like 5 years ago.

And I think I remember that race. Wasn't Wayne there cheering us on? I'm going to have to dig through the archive.

Blogger Chaybo said... pics that you scavenged up. I've got copies of those same pics ...SOMEWHERE. I do believe they are from my last L&C adventure. Think they are from 95' ?

I also just happen to have some race footage shot by J. Morden from that same day...probably in the same pile as the race pics.

That's GB Burchett (or birdshit as MG likes to say) standin' beside me....damn i miss that feller.

THansen pimpin' my old Amp B-2.

Tray sportin' some true 90's fashion....go blue or go home !

Ganz....with his infamous shit eating grin.

How about my dope Troy Lee visor !! like riding in an eclipse with that thing on. Surprised the race organiser didn't make me flag it for safety precautions.

what a bunch of goofy mtbers