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Sunday, November 6
Cross pictures
The local cross series stops in Louisville once a year. I could see parts of the course from the garage while I was working on my bike in the morning. Pretty cool. Last year was a super sloppy mess for this race. Today it was sixty degrees and dry. I took a ton of pictues, so instead of taking up tons of space a collage will have to do. All these are from the Womens and Mens Open races. Anyone know who this Andy Hampsted dude they kept talking about is?

Blogger bdiddy said...

I rode my cross bike through part of wilderness today!

Blogger redstone said...
Cool collage, B. some good pics in there. Looks like fun!

Blogger 3p0 said...
nice bike B. good to see ya,

night ride monday night?

Blogger htop said...
always good pics. no pics from me, spent some gravel time south of denton, wow, those roads were cool.