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I havn't done a century ride since I left Nebraska, so a few of you might have been on my last 100 miler. I did the Elephant Rock Ride today with a few thousand people - my first organized "ride" not race. It went surprisingly well, in spite of how scared I was of the masses of people. Long lines at some of the aid stations, some idiots crossing the yellow line just before the crest of hills, and general irritation at the lack of some people to use momentum on the multiple decent/climbs. All in all it was a beautiful hot day, Pikes Peak was out in full glory. I started with four people, we managed to ride and end within minutes of each other over the 6 hours we were pedaling. It was fun, but now these guys want to know about the Triple ByPass.

mw would probably do it fixed, frontwards and backwards cause he's like that, but I'm scared.

Oh, and the wife did her longest ride ever today - 50 miles in style. I'm proud.
Blogger mw said...
awesome. sounds like quite an event.

hey, wheres a linky to more FTF pics?

Blogger 3p0 said...
long live long rides


Blogger debaser said...
Here and here.

And a few on Dave's blog, all repeats though. I've been pretty lax about it, not spending much time online at home lately.

Read this morning that there were ~7,000 riders yesterday.

Blogger redstone said...
Nice one B. Did you get to check out the 24 hr race at all?

Blogger debaser said...
Didn't get close enough to it - it wasn't in Castle Rock, about 20 miles to the south.

The roads down there were fantastic. There's a road named, not just called, Rollercoaster Road that had huge hills. We also got stopped at a train crossing late in the day, and headed out in front of a huge pack and had open roads until we caught the people that didn't get stopped by t he train. That part included a 15 mile downhill - big ring pedaling the whole time, along the foothills.

I'm still in awe of how good a time I had on the road bike.

Blogger sda said...
i got talked into elephant rock last year (by a cute girl of course). that was like the first "organized ride" i'd done since BRAN in like 1990 or something. e.rock was kind of crazy the way people were riding all over the place, leaving their bikes lying in the road while they refueled. scary to say the least.

i did the triple by-pass with scott maurer the first summer i lived here. it was a hoot. if you like to go up hills that is. the downhills are pretty fun too. support was good, the general bikehandling of participants was a bit better than e.rock ... but then its a ride that is half the size.

you should do it ganz. you'd have a fun time. there are some good views on that route .... and it'll for sure be cooler up in the hills.

entry fees for these things are ridiculous though. totally ridiculous.