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Sunday, June 25
where is bdid
gotta luv it when you plan on heading out on a ride at 8am only to wonder where the fuck the infamous bdid could be....8:20 call to his house reveals a froggy throat and first words spoken of the day. I say "GET THE FUCK UP ! how's that for a fuckin alarm clock" ..get your ass ovr here, you're burnin daylight and love. 9:30 and i get a call....dude, i gotta stop by the grocery and i'll be right there. uuhh- okay-wut-do-ya-need?

He says " Starbucks Double shot"'s gonne be that kinda day, but i'm waitin' for you buddy !

have a good sun-day
Blogger mw said...
skipped the xc race this weekend. couldn't get my head around racing for less then 2 hrs when the rest of my races have been 6, 9, 15.5, 4, 6, 4, and such.

did a ride from here with sda, kw, 3p0, joshb: lincoln, kawasaki, raymond, valpariso, loma, brainard, wahoo, ceresco, lincoln. me and sda on fixie. gravel and trail up to brainard and then pave the rest.

rode out to platte this morn with kw to meet the bacon crew. little late due to showers at 5.15am at kws for the headout.

how was your ride. we had a great weekend for riding.

Blogger debaser said...
Me? Payback, I've been working all weekend. About 18 hours standing around in a trade show talking to hippies. Another day of the same tomorrow. Glad to hear you guys are getting out!

Blogger Chaybo said...
wow....sounds like back to back classic rides back in the heartland !! And the bacon ride sounds like a friggin blast.

One of us will post a few pics from sundays twas a good one.