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Monday, June 5
The force is strong with this one
Something else I came back with yesterday. One of the guys I was riding with picked this up on Ebay thinking it was a Look frame (guess how that happened...) Anyway, once he went back and saw what he won, he wasn't so interested. I've not been happy with the Merckx's fit, although yesterday I had a great time on it, for the first time. We came to an agreement, now it's mine.

Zero stickers or badging. Made by Kinesis, and very similar to their UK Kinesis KIC frame. Carbon seat and chain stays. Likely their scandium knockoff tubeset.

Blogger 3p0 said...
black, isn't that the new pink,


way to utalize your jedi powers.

Blogger debaser said...
I'm considering one simple die cutr sticker on the headtube. Perhaps a white rebel allience piece? Know where I can get one?