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Monday, June 26
off the beaten path

James from Black Sheep Cycles stopped by yesterday after riding Hall on his sweet 29er singlespeed. Check the funky bars. They're his Enduro Mustache bars. They look pretty comfy if you're in it for the long haul. I think I'll keep the risers on the Intense, though.

MW may be interested in this next one. I just got finished building a fixie wheel for a Wash DC buddy of mine. He goes out and does fixed/ss centuries with a similar crew in the capital land. This is the fixed flip flop Level hub. It's pretty damn sweet. Although you're committed to using their cogs (which are beautifully machined), you've got a direct fixed gear mount without a lockring.

It's now built up with a Salsa Delgado Cross rim. It will look sweet on the Rivendell Quickbeam SS/Fixie that it's going on.
Blogger mw said...
YEAH. i need a cog like that that bolts to the standard disk rotor mount. then i could use my spare paul hub. that design is nice

Blogger -kw said...
Are his bars production ones?
who what where how?
Those look comfy.

Blogger thad said...
that hub is sweet- and a really good idea.

Blogger redstone said...
KW, check out James is a super cool guy. I doubt he's got stock in anything but the bars are production, per se. $175, I think. Black Sheep is out of Ft Collins. He used to do a lot of the welding for Dean Titanium. He still does some overflow and all of their ti forks. The ti forks are sweet, too. A local guy in town here has a Black Sheep cross bike with a ti fork. I drool

Blogger -kw said...
grassy ass.
I'll check out the site.

Blogger Chaybo said...
those bars do look comfy.

Blogger John Parker said...
One of my clients last summer in chamonix was Chris from black sheep bikes. He was on a 6" full titanium dually with wierd geometry and was riding pretty well on it by the end of the week. He makes his own frames too:

and made some mustache bars.