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Friday, June 30
Why is it!
Why is it that the one sport I bother to half assed follow happens to be the one sport where they are trying to clean up. Who is even left to race this year? Wtf?

Imagine the fall out if baseball, hockey, football, or basketball leagues were half as serious about kicking people out as cycling.

So, who's watching the tour, and any guesses on who could win? I guess in one respect, it's an open race this year and it could be super interesting for that alone.
Blogger mw said...
i agree. if they really banned the drug users equally in all sports there would be no one playing.

the tour will still be the tour tho. it'll be refreshing to see some new faces in the lead.

just seems naive to think they are actually cleaning up the sport. it's more like selective exclusion. how about if they prove some of this shit in court, by the way.

Blogger debaser said...
I watch the crazies doing the divide race with way more interest.