stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Saturday, June 10
drive back home

and a stop in chugwater WY for some 'Chugwater Chili'
and some leg stretching.
Blogger debaser said...
That's a heck of a clan you've got started there. Woulda been nice to see more of them last month.

Can you get me directions to your house? It's looking like I just might need 'em.

Blogger Chaybo said...
25 to 90, 90 to Hwy 38...up and over Skalkaho Pass to hamilton. This is the best route for newbies of the bitteroot !

Blogger debaser said...
12 hours?

The missus has 5 days off, starting with the first weekend of August.

Blogger Chaybo said...
probably more like 14

another good route is to take 25 north to 80, 80 west till you take the hwy 44 cutoff to hwy 15, 15 to the jackson turnoff, through Wisdom and onto hwy43 and possibly the most scenic stretch of hwy you'll ever come across and finally to hwy 93 where you'll head to norht to hamilton

Blogger mg said...
glad to see you guys made it home in fine shape. it was good to hang with you guys. hopefully we'll be able to make it up there to see y'all before the summer's out.

Blogger magic said...
You guys stopped for Chugwater Chili? I have seen the sign before. Not much there but chili huh.