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Tuesday, June 13
his bench VS. my

just a couple of pics from the work stations.
Blogger bdiddy said...
Alright you win. But thats just because you have drawers! I would take either bench in a second!

Blogger magic said...
It looks as if Brian's bench has a bottle opener. I would call it a draw, a wash, half dozen of one six of the other, a tie, even steven etc.

Blogger Chaybo said...
ah, to the contrary mr. magic. You need to look closer. And then re-vote.

My vote goes to the bench that Alvin built. I couldn't hold a candle to that fella's wood working abilities. 32" top, 2X4's stacked face to face with three giant 32" rods bolting the benchtop together tight. Drawers of pine, dovetail jointed together sliding on a 1" spline. She's tight and solid as hell.

Blogger debaser said...
I was wondering who got new and who got old. After your description, I can see why your lackey got the new one.

And does Magic even know what a 2x4 is, much less a dovetail?

Blogger magic said...
A dovetail is something you find in the road after you run a dove over with your 2x4 pick em up.

Blogger ZDogg said...
Nice bench.