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Friday, June 1
MCA killin it on the upright!

Blogger debaser said...
You were close. I'd love to find a bootleg.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I didn't really try and get any closer to the stage. I just headed to where the sound was primo.

I have already found a copy of the show HERE
. Get it on the DL. It's OK sound quality. Alright its far from the best sound that I have heard on a live recording. But I still have a copy of its been playing nonstop since.

What's up with the front range delay on pics from the LFTF?

I also heard a rumor that that Magic had a Partay! What's up? If I can't get invited can you at least share some pics?

Blogger John Parker said...
That was a good show with some funny commentary. . . Beastie boys yogurt. It's low sugar. It's good for you. Cop it.

Blogger John Parker said...
"I got more rymes then I got grey hairs, and that's a lot because I got my share"

Blogger debaser said...
Just got the mix up, and damn...

Gotta buy this sumbich.