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Thursday, June 7
Saw a request for some LFTF photos. I stopped to take pictures on Saturday's big ride... once. Terrbible, aint it? Took more at the party, which was fun as always. Sunday was the highlight, as it should be, when the little ride took place.

Saturday: Lots of the best jeep roads around, amazing views, and all that. And the aftermath.

Sunday - Homie day. The new ride, and logo. Some looking around. Some riding of rocks (and some walking) and S-House rocking the purple bike picked out to match the pretty flowers.

Blogger mw said...
almost looks like my old tracer.

almost got sad.

Blogger bdiddy said...

That's what i'm talkin about. Thanks for that little peak into the LFTF. Wish I could have been there.

Dave old blue looks like it could tame the most difficult shuttle. Althought I always took you for a Ford owner i.e. (The black Ford tempo we drove to buckhill).

Shithouse in your motherfucking area. That's Sweet!

dub I went on at least two rides with your old Tracer last summer. She's still hangin tough!

Blogger Chaybo said...
that little slice of singletrack that TS is on looks tastey. Yumm....i'd like to order the same please. Nice pics ganz.

dave...nice jaloney. do not mistake that as jalopy.

Blogger MG said...
those are some good memories... nice shots bryan!

that old chevy drives pretty damn tight for being born the year of the bicentennial.

thanks for lots of fun times! i'm looking forward to our next trip out there.