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Tuesday, July 3
Mt CDT experience
Maybe 800 miles south of Chad, I was playing on the CDT too. We headed up to Rabbit Ears Pass just outside Steamboat so I could hit a ride I've been jonsing to ride for a very long time. Last year's attempt was rained out. This years attempt was pretty much perfect. The CDT ran right through the middle of the campground, and used a little of fs road 311. It's a gradual climb from camp past 4 high mountain lakes, followed by a technical juggernaut of a trail downhill right into Steamboat proper, past two good sized waterfalls. Most excellent ride. Unfortunatly Maysa caught a bit of a cold so we had to bail for home a day early. A day of rest before the Firecracker 50.

Blogger mw said...
beauty pics.

Blogger redstone said...
Sweet debaser. Did you take the CDT from Rabbit Ears down to Fish Creek Falls? I've heard Fish Creek is fun.

Blogger debaser said...
Thanks mw. When you coming out here?

You got it right Dave. It's a super ride, I wouldn't hesitate to ride it again and again.