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Sunday, July 1

went for a fantastic ride today..... i tried hooking up with a couple of pals from the bozeman area but i never found them. Riding solo instead. There's something about coming across a sign post that has barbed wire on it for bear deterent that is very humbling......i found a newly discovered love for whistling.
Blogger thirtyfourtwenty said...
Ha! Whistling... Funny, I was doing the EXACT same thing yesterday at White Ranch. Fresh "Mt Lion activity in the area..." sings posted at all trailheads had me sketched out in all the usual prime ambush sections!

Blogger John Parker said...
We were camped lower down the road still in the canyon, left a sign on the road but I guess we missed you. Those CDT signs are pretty cool.

Blogger debaser said...
I was just South of you Chad, I'll have to load up the pictures asap. Rode the CDT for about 8-9 miles and then dropped down some 6-7 miles on trails that would make you feel right at home!
No back scratchers that I saw though.