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Thursday, August 18
Unemployment is dangerous.

Over the bars at ~ 20mph. Lets see... Left elbow, shoulder, knee. Right knee, finger. Chin. Man boob. All scraped up and sore. Oh, and there's a bruise coming up through the palm of my hand. And in case your wondering how hard you have to eat shit to get a big rock stuck under your otherwise tight watch, well, pretty hard.
Blogger magic said...
Hey pigpen, take a bath.
Love Peppermint Patty and Lucy.

Blogger 3p0 said...
ouch dude,

heal well,
get a few beers in ya, you'll feal better

Blogger Wolfman said...
Magic, you're to funny!

Blogger redstone said...
Did Jenny do that to you? ouch.

Blogger Chaybo said...
very nice ganz !

Blogger debaser said...
Not Jenny, not this time. Sadly, it was on the road, after I descended some nar nar dh. Yeah, I suck.

More pictures here, if you havn't found 'em already:

Blogger mw said...
great story. you could have titled it, "unemployment is entertainment for my buddies on the blog."

keep up the good work and i hope your man-boob heals. hard to suckle with a bruied boob.

Anonymous John Parker said...
Well done!

The road is the best place to stack it up in my humble opinion. I broke my leg on the sidewalk in moab after a ride when i was 14. It ruled, i got really good at mortal Kombat that summer.

I think my sarcasm is getting a little dry from hanging out with all these British in Chamonix, so hopefully that was funny.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I laughed a little. You had a cool pic in the Rag this month!