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Sunday, August 21
Headed to Crusty Butt
Oh sure, this way saves an hour or so, but you have to look at this on the way. Shoulda just stayed home.

Blogger mw said...
sorry about that view.

might need to drive from here to k.c. to cleanse your pallette eh?

Blogger debaser said...

Blogger MOD said...
yo debaser, thanks for MTBR hook. I'm sure that's where BRAIN heard about it. 700 plus hits on the site last friday and over 1500 today. CRAZY! Innerdnets wierd. People are surfing it from all over the world. I got my stat counter up and running just in time.

Blogger debaser said...
Damn you're popular.

I hoped it was all good. You had some neato stuff posted... I couldn't help it, since those guys who ride 29'ers are info whores.