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Saturday, August 20
T.H. in the House!

Yup this pic was taken today! T. Hansen was the only one out at the course today wearing a Honker Hanger jersey. Good to see you back on the circut buddy! I do have to admit that I had flashbacks of TH doing the barrel salom on I-80 at full speed for $1. I sent TH a link to the site so he will be coming by to check stuff out he was asking about all of you peeps today.
Blogger redstone said...
That's awesome. I remember a rather epic adventure down to Collins, MO.

Blogger Chaybo said...
Mr. Hansen...holy shiysters, where in the heck ya been man. And whatcha been doin ?

An adventure to Collins MO. Aahhhhh man, the 6 hour drive down there took almost as long as it did for TH to finish his race. And then a 6 hour drive back and in one day. OUCH !

Was that the same place where Schlake had to leave his Scirocco cuz it wasn't getting him home ?...dude every trip with TH was an adventure.

Blogger debaser said...
I think that's when we stayed down there.

Welcome back Todd.

Blogger bigmech said...
That's sweet! Hey, is that Chad's old bike!!!

Blogger insanet said...
It is good to be back. Those hills kicked my ass. Here's the short of the long...divorced, 5 yr old dtr, mechanical engineer, moving back to Lincoln from Friend 9/23. Ride--Gary Fisher 129 with xtr/mustang/tubless wheels.

Blogger debaser said...
29'er? You're back with Style!

I always hated HitchCOCK's hills and heat and humidity. I'm sure you weren't the only one getting asskicked.

Blogger magic said...
So that's why you moved to Colorado, to get away from those long hills.