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Sunday, August 28
Bobblehead night

Here's a picture of Tara at the Osprey game last night in missoula...the first 750 or so folks that walked thru the gate came home with one of deez sweeet ass freebie bobblehead figures of some guy i've never heard of...pretty cool, huh ? Hell.....Johnson knows baseball better than i do and he was stumped too ! Anyway.... i'm still not quite able to ride a bike yet so i figured i got's to get my recreation on somehow. What's better than watching other have fun? So be safe kids...these hernia things ain't NO fun at all !
Blogger 3p0 said...
I had my hernia surger a few years back. it does suck.

good to see the Johnson's out and about.

Blogger mw said...
is that mike getting comfy with family life??? are younguns in the future? how soon?