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Thursday, August 11
Positively Unemployed
For a few extra days, at least, at the end of next week. I gots me a new job. Selling hippy alarm clocks. More responsibility means less mtbr/blog time, so forgive me if you don't see as much of me here after the 22nd.

I'm excited!
Blogger mw said...
what you doing for them?

Blogger debaser said...
Sales Manager. I'll be doing the wholesale side of the business (which is about twice as big as the place I've been at!)

Blogger 3p0 said...
congrats on the new job dude,

hey, can I get a hippie clock.. how much?

Blogger magic said...
This conjures up a picture in my head. 1 year after working here I can see ganzel sitting cross legged on the carpet next to that chick pinching his fingers together, sportin' the sweetest fu man chu beard and a long twisted moustache like Rollie Fingers.

Blogger mw said...
i've got a tibetan meditation bowl. (seriously) every used one of those? is that the principle behind some of the things you'll be selling?

Blogger redstone said...
Sounds like a great gig, man. Good luck with it. Will you be working a ton of hours do you think?