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Tuesday, August 30
A little slow?
Since things are a little slow I'll share an additional story about the trip I made to Breck for the mtbr gathering.

After Friday's ride, Redstone, Lyons Chad and I headed to the grocery store to get some food, and I was walking around in a bit of post-ride daze when I found myself staring at the back of some kid's tshirt. It had a ton of logos all over it, including KFRX, which was driving me crazy because I knew I knew it but couldn't place it... As the kid was walking off at all came together that he must be from Lincoln. Well, kid had been talking to his dad, who was still standing there staring at something on the shelves, and i asked, "You guys must be from Lincoln?" He turned around saying yes, and all I stunned. Shocked. About all I could muster was an explanation of how I knew where they were from and a "Have a great vacation."

Why you ask? Because I found myself staring at someone entirely unexpected in a grocery store in Colorado: Officer Marti.
Blogger mw said...
nice. that's weird when that stuff happens.

Blogger 3p0 said...
I was riding my bike to work yesterday down 17th street and got honked at by a cop. I was like oh, shit, what the hell did I do wrong, (and I do plenty wrong on my way to work)

Nope, it was Officer Marti honking at me, then crossin over 2 lanes of traffic to chit chat with me while I road down the street.

I for one, dig that guy.
he's never done me wrong, and well, he's gotten me outa some jams working downtown.

Blogger mw said...
i'll just stick this link here because i'm lazy. i'm still researching the electric car conversions posted on the net. here's a sweet one. check out the orange saturn 4dr. its got 120mile range...

Blogger MOD said...
That's sweet, one of my favorite stories was back in about '98-'99 we were at the NORBA in Park City. I buddy of mine from Tioga had an old girlfriend come up as she was living in Moab at the time. We got to talking at this bar one night and I mentioned I was originally from Lincoln. Out of the blue she asks if I know Brian Zigmond. YEP, I sure do. Turns out they worked at a coffee shop together in Moab. Some of you may have run into her out there. Her names Karen. She opened the coffee shop that's inside chille pepper bikes. I got her turned on to Mill bean and I know she was using it for quite a while. Don't know if she's still doing the coffee thing. It's been years since I've been back to Moab.