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Tuesday, August 16
Turn that frown upside down!
I received an email from someone today that had song lyrics attached to it! It put a smile on my face on a day that was turning out pretty crappy until that point. Thought I would share the lyrics and a link to the song being the bboy fan that i am!

Oh baby, yea
Yo you know, I saw you that day you...
How's your Girl Mike?
Agh she's pretty nice man but I tell you yo
I saw the other Girl at Netty's the other day
And she had her shit together
I'm talkin bout hip hop pow
Boomin' system up top in the back
Agh hey there Georgie Girl
Georgie Girl
Agh baby you look so nice
You on the one
You got your shit together Georgie Girl
Yea you're looking so nice Georgie Girl
Georgie Girl you know you're
On the one
Oh hey lonely Girl
Yea that's right baby that was you the first time
You know i saw you all alone
I was on the boardwalk you know
You know you were looking, agh
Lookin a, agh a little bit lonely and uh
You was squirting the water in the clowns mouth and everything
But hey baby you know I would win the whole prize for you
The whole nine yards, the, the ski ball tickets
Everything baby, for you baby.

Netty’s Girl
Blogger debaser said...
post whore.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
that's my boy mike d. on the m . i . c .
you've read the lyrics, but have your seen the
video ?