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Thursday, August 4
Here is an idea for a Ride labor day weekend anybody game?
We could do it in one or two days with a shuttle to the trail head. Meet and camp with 60 in and then get picked up at rapid city. Thoughts? Better ideas?
Blogger debaser said...

Blogger bdiddy said...
Description: This incredible trail is singletrack heaven for those who like to abuse themselves on bikes. Stretching from Bear Butte in the North at Sturgis and winding through the center of the hills for over 111 miles until it reaches Wind Cave National Park, this trail gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great rides at Custer State Park, as well as the fast singletrack near Sheridan Lake, Pactola Lake and near the Black Hills National Cemetery and Bear Butte volcano to the North in Sturgis.

With elevation changes from 3,200 feet to 5,600 feet, this trail consists of exceptional rollercoaster sections, rugged climbs with loose rock, difficult descents, stream crossings, tight switchbacks, and some smooth portions of low prairie singletrack as well ones that wind quickly through beautiful pine trees. Rocks sticking out of the ground on this trail will require you to keep your eyes open as you zip through it. It does gets well traveled by the end of the season, so you'll even find sections where there are sand traps as well. Watch out for buffalo and elk on the trail near Custer State Park.

Blogger mw said...
color me jealous...

Blogger 3p0 said...
don't you mean labor day?
or you talking next year?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Good catch! I did mean labor day.

Wanna go?

Will you be all healed up by then?

Blogger debaser said...
I'd be down with one epic day. Perhaps a 60 miler offroad. Since the trip's a family affair, we'll need some time off the bikes too.

Blogger Wolfman said...
Um!, i actually have a couple ideas.

1) get your arse into the midway point at Wilderness and help me clean out Kirk's cut thru! the bridge that goes unda neath the trains needs some work. they did some grade elevation change there and i think with some work, it could be another quick way to get around. check it!

2) Labor Day?... i vote for shoes, brews, and 2 Live Crew!!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Sorry i missed you yesterday wolfman! You will have to show me what your talking about in the park!

While all of your #2 choices sound great. I'm going to press ahead with the Black Hills idea. Here is a Post from the 29'er board on MTBR about the suggested trail.

Looks good to me! It should be a bit greener this time of year? though

Blogger 3p0 said...
Labor day Is a day I spend golfin,

yeah, let your shit talk begin...
but I already had plans for this big golf day, one day 36 holes of drunken maddness.

but Wolfman,
you know me,
you tell me when you wana work in wilderness and I'm there,
don't have to wait for Labor day,
just drop me an e-mail or post a comment, I'm in for some work.

(I've got this whole grandpa issue to resolve with W...)