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Monday, August 1

last year when we did the caves ride, i was going to try to take a pic of each town's watertower. or something like that. well last year i failed and this year i really failed. reason1: it was f-ing dark for the first leg of the ride. to the first money stop. reason2: my camera is being weird and everyone else had the darn thang photog'ed anyways. Posted by Picasa
Blogger mw said...
this really was like the first leg of the ride. a ride within a big ass day long ride. the first leg should be titled, "early monring, dawn and morning with a few drizzles." or something like that. we got screwed on the route only once. pretty much just as the sun was coming up. there was a bridge out sign and this time they meant it. so we backtracked while this little boy tried to get his dog back in the house.

Blogger Wolfman said...
i don't know about you guys, but, when we had to back track at the beginning at this bridge, i thought , "man here we go! not even an hour into the ride and we are already hitting shit that ain't on the GPS's!" but hats off to those involved planning the route and replanning. i liked how we could ride along and know we had '13 miles' on this road and then turn left/right. BDiddy and Big Mech, ya' guys were okay!!

where the hell are the sunrise pics? everybody likes sunrises, on bikes, on gravel!!