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Saturday, August 20
saturday stroll

yo fellars !

Since i'm still hobblin around, wounded, sore, and pissed cuz everyone is riding but me. I still decided i should push tracy out the door to hook up with Buchanan, Mike, Tara, and Aaron. Overwhich Falls was the ride destination and the last section of the trail spits you out on Crazy Creek. Judging by the smiles when the posse rolled in, it sure looked like everyone had a damn good time. Brian.....thanks for the race report today !

enjoy a few pics in reverse fashion


Blogger bdiddy said...
Ahhhhh looks just like i remember. The wolfman and i were just talking about crazy creek today. I have a question though. When you come down off of the trail that goes by the falls does it kick you out at point that does not pass by to good cabin? Or did we pass the cabin on that ride and i just missed it?

Pictures look good tre's grinnin from ear to ear! Who was the photog?

Blogger Chaybo said...
diddy.... ding-ding-ding. Now it's coming back to you. From the falls you basically decend right down to the Three Forks/Crazy Creek trail junction at which point you're only 1 mile from the cabin (if that).

Up higher and much earlier into the ride you basically have about 1 of 8 options to get back to the shuttle rig. options are good. : )