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Sunday, April 16
"This looks 90% right. Yeah! 90% familiar!"
Blogger redstone said...
90% fun?

Blogger mw said...
looks like 100% fun

Blogger debaser said...
Also an hour 45 into a 2 hour ride, with no dh in sight.

Oh yeah, 115% fun. Even ran into an Iowaegean who's doing Transiowa fixed, and was in Salida for a bit.

Blogger Chaybo said...
the looks on their faces is of complete distrust.

90% certain = 50% chance of being temporarily misplaced. Just ask gersib.

Blogger mg said...
yeah i know that feeling well...

remember pablo's immortal words a the fat tire fest three years ago:


"temporarily misplaced"... i like that. totally descriptive.

Blogger debaser said...
Mic was in charge of navigation. Not only did we climb up a "wrong" climb, but we also hiked around in the underbrush for 10 minutes searching for the trail.

The wrong climb had a nice little dh, and the searching resulted in exactly what we were looking for.

Deathmarch Dave would have been proud at this 4 hour journey. All the correct elements.

Blogger mg said...
Deathmarch Dave... That's got an appropriate ring to it.

Good to hear the craziness ended up all good in the end. I'm sure we'll do our very best to get totally lost over memorial day weekend too. I can't wait.