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Wednesday, April 5
The other Fruita:
In spite of the rain, the mud, and the company, Fruita was a good time.

Okay, the company was good too, after all, mg was making coffee everytime he walked past the campstove, mw was obsessivecompulsively tuning bikes (even the ones with gears), and sda was busy displaying feats of human strength.

Random pictures:

Blogger sda said...
dude, don't forget about Suey. He was there too ya know ... lil' buddy.

Blogger Chaybo said...
great photos ganz.....nothing looks wrong with the dirt in those pictures. Did you say mud ??

i like the long swoping singletrack picture, and the one of gersib jumping.

got any more ?

Blogger debaser said...
And Sue was very doglike?

Sue's a good dog, I feel bad about leaving him out.

Blogger mg said...
got any more? yeah, like about 160 more pics. debaser was a busy boy with his camera!

that one of me jumping is part of a six-shot sequence he shot of me riding that section. the very next pic in the sequence is me landing -- fork compressed, cheeks sagging down from the impact... i'll post the whole sequence on my blog later today.

that long swooping singletrack pic is one of my favorites too. that's pretty much the image that's stuck in my mind from the trip. that picture defines the riding we did.

great work debaser.

sda - thanks for bringing sue along. i was giggling last night at the muddy paw print on my tent floor from sunday morning when sue said 'hi' to me. :-}

Blogger debaser said...
mg, I was looking at the horsetheif picture, thinking that it might look better with sda and wills chopped out of the sky for that single rider look.

Blogger mw said...
chop us out to make the picture better. ouch. that cuts to the bone.

Blogger debaser said...
keep up the whining and I'll cut you out of all of 'em.

Blogger mg said...
aaaaahhh... we gotta' leave the budz in the pics. it's authentic that way. plus, it's no fun to ride fruita alone.