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Sunday, April 9
Tara is officially a gear head.

Thats right folks, my wife competed in her first trials event by Weeping Water. 1st place in womens novice.
Blogger debaser said...
Your wife is so much cooler than you.

(you're not alone, so's mine.)

Blogger 3p0 said...
that is soo cool, I had no idea you guys were into that,


and yup, Magic,

your wife is much cooler than you. sorry dude.

hey, I'm in the same boat with you guys....

Blogger mw said...
NO SHIT. goddam. that's sweet.

Blogger Chaybo said...
officially a gear head....since birth me thinks.

way to go tara !

Blogger mg said...
you can see in her riding skillz that she's been a two-wheel dirt head since a very young age.

it's in her veins.