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Thursday, April 20
Is it really five weeks away?
MG had me thinking about this classic ride. Lion's gulch, rain, Pablo pushing the limits and the limits pushing back. But see how he's leaving with a smile on his face, in spite of his previous sentiment towards DMD?

LFTF. A month and a week away. I've got to get to riding before then!

Blogger mw said...
i remember that ride. 5 weeks hu?

Blogger debaser said...
Don't worry, you more than anyone will be ready.

Bring Bill!

Blogger mw said...
bring bill. hmm? naw. those wheels just seem weird any more. i need a full squish 9er. need isn't the right word tho.

Blogger redstone said...
I just talked to Intense about that today. July. Said they'll start taking preorders in another couple of weeks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I may have crashed OTB down the stairs in the rain, but at least my legs were cramping.

In five weeks we're going to STUFF IT in the oven, beeeyotch.

Blogger redstone said...
You going to come STUFF it in the Crosier oven this year? We're going back to a classic.

Friday will either be North Sheep Mt/Coulson Gulch loop or Lion Gulch. Maybe something else, we'll see what I can dig up.

Sat Crosier Mt.

Sunday stash ride, depending on attendance.

I can't wait. In the meanwhile, we've got to strip and paint the house. Hmm, can't wait for that either, I guess...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How much climbing is Crosier? I doubt I have climbed as much the DMD since then. I gotta choose my day wisely. Maybe that means the last day?

I may be old, but at least I'm slow.

Blogger debaser said...
p -

DO NOT miss Crosier. After all, its unlikly you'll wreck worse than MWester. He ate poop.

Repeat: Don't miss it. Come out for your destruction.

Blogger redstone said...
Dude, you will be in Pablo Heaven. It's steep, technical, rocky, rooty, abusive, fun, fun, and even more fun. Don't let that 1500' of climbing get you down. You can ride it as a point to point and have your auto awaiting.

Blogger redstone said...
I just looked at a map. The top of Crosier Mt is 9250. From there, it drops approximately 3000' in 7 miles. It's easily one of the best downhills, if not the best downhill east of the Divide.

Blogger debaser said...
I think P's right. He's too old for that much fun. Stay home, old man. I couldn't bear to hear you crying like a little girl.

Blogger mg said...
pablo... i know what you like. you'll love crosier. i've seen debaser face plant so freaking hard on that trail, you'd shit yourself.

we'll ride it the right direction, so the climbing will be way easier than the descending. put it that way...

that's a sweet pic redstone. i can't wait to see, and ride with you guys.


Blogger mg said...
pablo -- as a lover of duh na na nah, you can't miss crosier. it's the bees knees... the lovin' in the oven... the jiggity jankity junk.

it's all that and a bucket of gummy worms.

Blogger debaser said...
Oh yeah, I was freaking rattled on that one. Luckily it was near the bottom, cause my mojo was long gone after that.

Blogger mg said...
it's crazy how fast a hard bell-ringer like that can make you hit both the mental and physical brakes.

i think the reason we saw your wipeout was because we were just picking ourselves off the ground from that... either that, or one of us cleaned it and had to look at it again. i forget which one it was... (wonder why?)

i'm gonna' be on the bionicon that day for sure. the dh position will be employed to its fullest extent that day -- trust me on that one!

Blogger Chaybo said...
see you fellas on saturday !! I've got one solid day to play in Colorado before we mosey on to Nebraska.

redstone.....thanks for hookin up the good rides