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Tuesday, April 18
captN Kirk says " Big Rig drivin' aint no fun"
just heard from the capin'.

imagine....wind advisory, wyoming, 24 ft. uhaul trailor, and 6 mpg ! Good luck buddy cuz your gonna need it !

Blogger 3p0 said...
Damnit spock, you green blooded vulcan, do something about that wind

Blogger debaser said...
oh, that's way funnier than the comment Chad deleted.

Kirkdog - doing it.

Blogger mg said...
git er done kirkdog!! hopefully the wind is at your back by now.

Blogger debaser said...
Just talked to big trucker. He can see the Bitterroot River.

That means he's close! Drive on, big trucker!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the call ganz. John tesch was killing me! I made it here all in one piece. The bikes made the journey with no scrathes.... I had to use about twenty uhaul blankets but it was worth it!

I have a bike in the stand to assemble. I better get after it before the boss cathes me on the computer.

Blogger debaser said...
that boss of yours has a mean temper. Watch out!

Could you be bothered to take some time out from working and riding to post some stories? I imagine you must have some.

Blogger mw said...
good job bk. glad to hear you're in one piece.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Rode my bike to work today :) 30 minute cruise from the center of town.

Blogger debaser said...

Get a car.