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Friday, April 14
family pic

yuuummmm...spring weather and bonfires !
Blogger debaser said...
Looks like a real barnburner. It's nice to have that out the back door, I bet. And to think you'll have a lacky up there to clean up after you next week!

We've been digging the Spring too - grilled 3 times this week, made potato salad. I've been riding in short sleeves and shorts all week after work!

Blogger Chaybo said...
a barnburner.....yeah pretty much. We recycled as much as the old wood as possible, but between the old cedar shingles, the old fencing and old siding i've got enough bonfire fuel to last the summer.

oh...and daylight savings ROCKS !

Blogger redstone said...
nice one chaybo. You guys riding until, what, 9:30? lucky bastard.