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Sunday, April 16
Butter the Muffin, Stick it in the Oven
Pablo made me promise to say that whenever I post him on the blog.

Blogger mw said...
don't let mg see that pic he'll be hucking off his retaining wall.

nice shot. looks fucking burley

Blogger debaser said...
As long as he climbs about an hour and a half before the hucking begins...

Blogger mw said...
that would be hard to duplicate. how about into a head wind for 1.5hrs?

Blogger mg said...
lol... damn, that's a nice pic. that's a nice move too pablo.

debaser, you know i'm up for huckin' almost anytime -- even after a couple hours of climbing. that's one of the payoffs for the climb, right?

while my bionicon is now built, the most gnarly thing i've done with it is a 3-foot drop into 48th street (at O street, which is closed).

we'll get plenty of rippin' time over memorial day weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What I said was, "Butter the muffin and STUFF IT in the oven". This was a bumpy entrance onto a slab wall-ride to drop. Stuffin' it.