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Thursday, April 6
SDA's a chocolate stealing thief.
After sleeping through some of the six plus hours of rain Friday night, we spent Saturday morning trying to figure out how to make the most of our day. We found one cell phone that got signal (out of the four we had) and called some wives for weather reports: Moab, Gunnison, Salida... Everywhere was expecing more rain than where we were at. We decided to sit it out.

In the afternoon, after an aborted attempt to ride 18 road (we drove over the hill only to find one collumn of rain dumping excatly where we were headed), the Matts decided to brave conditions from camp (see mw's picture, they scored a great ride!). I was ready to head home, but the rest of the crew had a little more determination, so I decided I'd go the safe route and head out for a hike. The best locale was across the valley, a huge red wall of rock that I'd always wanted to explore. (picture #1 from our first night, the only time the sun hit it at sunset.)

SDA convinced himself not to ride (I'm not sure how that happened) and we headed off for the cliff. After a beeline across he valley, we found a way behind the cliff via a short rock climb, and started upwards across slabs of rock behind the red face. As we neared the pinacle of what we could see near camp, we headed back towards the edge, now from the top, and had great views back towards camp, and out across the gentle arcing red rock.

It was good.

Blogger sda said...
i couldn't help myself. if i hadn't eaten that i'd never made it back to camp. it was a dire situation. nor could i help it if whoever was leaving geo-caches right there on the trail wasn't so smart. duh!!

and i only took a little.

mmmmm, chocolate eggs.

Blogger mg said...
hilarious... you know someone's gonna' be pissed when they find their chocolate missing.

... it was probably stashed there by mikesee.