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Wednesday, March 28
On my way to a ride tonight.
Since I'm on the short leash these days, waiting for that kid that's now 5 days overdue, I check in with the wife right after work to see if I can squeeze in one more ride. I got the okay today, and headed to hit Pipeline and Betasso since I haven't been up there since the fall. After 20 minutes of navigating the wild hippy filled streets of Boulder I'm about to head up the canyon for my ride, and the phone rings. It's the wife.

She says, "It's Wednesday isn't it?"

Wednesday. Wednesday. What's Wednesday? I start going through the mental checklist. After a few moments it hits me: Betasso is closed to bikes on Wednesday.

Blogger bdiddy said...
To bad you didn't get to hit the trail. I have always wanted to ride that trail with you. I have only be able to hike a little of it in the snow.

We love that movie and just bought the dvd. They should make that same clip but with just the word dude. The should also leave my favortite line in there "Thats a nice marmot."

Hope the baby comes soon and healthy!