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Friday, March 9
Day 2.5 visiting the scrounge fest
This shop was as old as it looks. The whole building was leaning to the right. When we tried to enter the building we had push a 24" Motiv out of the way to get inside. Once inside the shop we were all in awe of the aftermath of the explosion that must have gone off in this place. Immediatly inside the door there was a guinea pig in a cage. Hay was spread all over underneath the cage to catch the animal droppings.
Check out the hugh tree that shades the side yard. Gretchen idetified it as a Brazian Pepper tree. So image scrounging trough piles and piles of rusty bike parts and every once and a while catching a nice wiff of pepper. It was good idea to leave the show a little earlier to go to this shop which was about 8 blocks from the expo.

I caught Louis in the act of scrounging up some brake levers.

Chaybo on some sort of 20" moto BMX with springs and stuff. I think there is one hanging up at Cycle Works. I dig the yard umbrellas.
I'm not sure why I didn't get a pic of Rob Scrounging. He was coming up with some good finds.
Chuck had his eye on a Schwinn Continential. I wish I would have taken a pic of it. It had a simplex rear der. that I have never seen before. The Front der was manual with a rod on the seat tube that you pulled up on to change the front gear. I did some looking around and this is the only thing I could find on the net like it. A 1960 Schwinn Continental . It was a cool bike and the owner wanted $1000 for it. He said he could get $800 for the rear der alone on the gaybay. In the end I think we all found something we were interested in but the owner was way to proud of the stuff we picked out. Louis did get a set of calipers for $2.
It was a great day to take in all things bikes. Meeting and hanging out with Chuck and Gretchen was great also. They are great people!