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Friday, March 23
I've had this since just before xmas. Time to share.

Blogger debaser said...
Love it, & a great hue to boot. Looks like you cvould climb all day on it.

Blogger mw said...
bout freeeking time dude!

what front tire is that? mutanoraptor?

how do you like the rigidness out there in rock country?

Blogger mw said...
where the hell is my new bike! and this one is a rigid 29er to boot. double rib jab.

that was painted by sycip? if so i bet my new one comes that color. i have had a majority blue bikes, but i haven't had a new blue bike in a while, ha!

Blogger Chaybo said...
sweet pics b

but i don't think you're suppose to be on the trail that i think you're on. Blogett Overlook ? Did you take the ridge trail back down ?? Yesterday ??

Blogger bdiddy said...
I can neither confirm nor deny! Ridge trail? Couldn't find one. I took the ridge all the way down. The 180's front and rear were hot as hell.

Blogger Chaybo said...
bitteroot brewery >??

Blogger Chaybo said...
bitteroot brewery >??

Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the compliments on the pics.

I had the cranks in sitting new for a couple of years. This is my first crack at isis. Didn't want to miss out on any of the fun!? They are 110 BCD so this bike is geared a little harder that any of my other bikes. It seems harder for the first couple of pedal strokes but after 40-60 min of climbing its about equal to pedaling a 28 lbs 5" trail bike with lower gearing up a similar climb.

dub its a weirwolf 2.55. The rigidness is definatley a love/hate situation. It depends on the trail. I will probably take it out on a purdy technical trail next week, I'll let you know. I'm not sure who was painting the ventana bikes before it was all brought in house. When you have your gearie soulcraft parked next to my salty they sure do look like they could have been painted at the same place. I can't wait to see your need rig. The have it going on over there at soulcraft.

bitteroot brewery>?

wish i could have gotten out for a beer or two with ya last night.

Blogger MOD said...
Nice looking ride there Diddy. You guys kill me with those ridigid teeth chattering forks! Put a Reba on that thing, it only adds another 2 lbs.

Hope I we can hook up for ride sometime this summer