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Wednesday, March 14
Desert Trip Head Count?
Who's in for Moab/Fruita next weekend?

Here's the plan:
Leave (from CO) super early Thurs. Set up camp by Slickrock, ride/screw around on Slickrock the rest of the afternoon. Or hit Soveriegn or Baby Steps as they aren't huge rides. Get back to camp. Party down.

Friday - all day ride in Moab. Don't know what. Get back, eat, pack up and haul it to Fruita whilst still daylight. This may prove to be optimistic. Set up camp in Rabbit Valley on the UT/CO border. Party down

Sat - all day ride from camp. Get back, party down.

Sun - Get up, pack up and hit the Mary's Loop/Kokopelli stuff on the way out of town.

So far, it looks like we'll have 3 or 4 Lyons guys. I know Gersib is coming out from NE. Dave - you coming down from Ft Fun? As an added bonus, word has it that the Breeze may blow in from the Tucson area, as he is test driving a new motor home...

That's all I know. Anybody reading this should come out to ride with us. The desert is calling.
Blogger 3p0 said...
shit the wind probably found that moter home abandoned on the side of the road,

or someone traded it to him for a bike...

tell him hello, IF, you see him,

big IF.

Blogger redstone said...
I didn't ask where he got it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a... Well, we'll just see. I'll snap a pic if he shows up. heh heh.

Blogger debaser said...
Huh? Who?

You boys have fun. I'm stunned that I'm not planning this trip. I've got last year's picture up on my dektop. I can daydream, right?

Blogger mw said...
i'm with you bg. bummed and stunned. i'm sacrificing this one for this summer and next spring.

is it too early to set a date for the summer trip? any thoughts bg?

Blogger MG said...
debaser and mw - we're gonna miss you guys. it just doesn't seem right to not have both of you on this trip.

jp and i are rollin' in the subie. we've had a couple of other people threaten to take the third spot in my car, but so far noone has signed on.

walker from and his fiance are going to be holding a camping spot for us in fruita friday night, so that'll be good. we won't have to search for a vacant site in the dark at least...

i'm gettin' excited. have a great weekend!

Blogger redstone said...
sweet, mg. Tell him to make room for many. Can't wait to ride with you guys. Where are you staying Wed eve? You're welcome to stay with us.

Blogger sda said...
i'm planning on hooking up with you guys in fruita. rabbit valley eh? sho'nuf! i'll probably beat you to the parking lot and just hang there awaitin'. or something. we'll have to use the walkie talkies.

holy crap. the wind? yer kidding me. thats down right scarey.

"look dave, we're on a mountainbike ride, and this is all a part of it" ...
on his third asthma break of the day last time i saw him.