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Wednesday, March 7
NAHBS Weekend Recap
Well now that I have decompressed from the weekend its time to tell a few tales and share a ton of pics.

The trip was suppose to start last Thursday at 2pm. When Chaybo stopped over to load my stuff and go. We found out quickly that my volunteered rack would not fit into his receiver hitch. We had to drill out two small stops inside the hitch just to get the rack to work. It was about an hour delay.

We headed straight down highway 93 and stopped in Salmon for dinner. Well they were burritos and we bought them in Salmon,ID so the only people to take blame for gutbombs were ourselves. This will not be the last time tales of stomach problems and mexican food will be told in this story. As we drove out of Salmon the fluffy white stuff started to hit the ground and accumulate. The snow was so light that the trail of snow coming off any passing car was enough to white everything out for a couple of seconds at a time. Spooky at 50 mph going over a bridge.

We made it to Idaho Falls to join up with Rob who would be driving his "kinnapper van" from this point. So we switched vechicles and got all the way to Twin Falls, ID before hitting anymore weather which was a rain/snow mix and slowed travel down to 35 mph at times. The conditions got even worse driving throw Jackpot,NV and didn't clear till half way to Reno. I drove into Reno and about half of the Tahoe pass. Rob was so amped up to get to Cali he couldn't sleep and offered to drive on into Cali. We left home at 3 pm and arrived at the ventana factory at 11 am (Denny's stop included). We felt like crap but the constant chatter about bicycles left us with big smiles on our road weary faces. Chaybo had called the Ventana factory a few weeks ahead of time to see if we could take a look at the joint and to get directions.

Check out the Johnny T Shrine in the last pic. Apparently Ventana did most of the cnc and welding (Minus heat treating and powdercoating)on the Tomac frames when the head office was still in Boulder. Well now Sherwood is set up to do everything in house. He is in the process of setting up and dialing in his heat treating and powder coating equipment. He did mention that he had purchased some equipment from kelly after their doors closed. Looks like Ventana is cranking out quite a few 29ers these days. Sherwood did not pull the red carpet back in quite yet. We grabbed a quick bite and the regrouped to drive to spot to get in an afternoon ride. The ride was called salmon falls. It was soooooo good. There were lots of rolling hills with double track to sweet sweet singletrack sections. I think the longest climb was about 5-10 minutes with a grade similar to the climb up to the teepee at Platte River. It was a great ride thanks guys!

Sherwood, Rob, Chaybo, and Aaron is just behind the tree at the top of the hill. This was a fun little section to bomb down. These pics are not in order the view of the lake was waiting at the top of this short climb.

After ride beer and pizza was had at a local spot and talk of custom non suspension corrected ventan 29ers was popular topic. Rob and I wanted to stop at the Folsom prison gift shop after the ride but had to bag that and get some food. We purdy much talked about the endless possibilties of gifts that would be available at the gift shop for the entire trip. I mean really what could they have there? Folsom prison parking only gag sign, custom his and hers Johnny and June Cash shanks, framed poetry from inmates claiming innocence I mean the possibilities were endless.

The place we stayed in Pleasanton.
This is where the fourth in the group was waiting to join up. Louis gives us the tour of his sweet vdub bus that was kept in the family. It was previously rob's van who used it for travels to 24 hour races. It would make a sweet base camp.
This is one of my favorite pics from the weekend. Check out the flowers in full bloom. It was spring in cali.

We Finally got a good nights sleep in Pleasanton. We all woke up showered and headed to San Jose for the NAHBS. I am going to put pics of my two favorite bikes up first then some other random stuff. My third favorite bike was Rick Hunters 26 in BMX cruiser. His both was packed and I didn't feel like pushing my way through with a camera so no pic of that bike. I think he has pic on his blog.

I'll have to post more pics and the rest of the story later. Blogger is being a pain right now. Later

Blogger -kw said...
Any photos of the inside of Rob's van?
I think I know this one.

Blogger -kw said...
Just saw another photo that confirms my suspisions.
That's Rob who used to work at Pacific Coast Cycles (and later at Felt). Who else would have drops clamped to a custom Softride stem?
I recognized his van, too. The cabinets inside were custom built by its original owner—probably one of the sweetest set-ups I've ever seen.
Please pass along my hellos and howyodoin's.
Small world.
How'd you guys meet up?

Blogger debaser said...
Now that's a blog post. I'm super jealous on all fronts.

Blogger redstone said...
damn,that's good shit bdiddy. Keep it coming, can't wait!

Blogger thirtyfourtwenty said...
sounds like a load of fun! next year, nahbs is in portland, or...i wanna go!

Blogger bdiddy said...

Yup it is a small world. That is Rob m. He is the outside rep for felt and Red Barn is a Felt dealer. That's how the paths crossed. Your name was brought up at one point in the combined 36 hours behind the wheel.

Rob was suppose to sign up for blogger so that he could post. Not sure whats going on with all of that.

I did take a bunch of pics of Louis's VDUB. I will post them after I put up the rest of the pics from our trip.

Debaser,redstone I would not miss this show next year.

3420: I have a soulcraft patch for you :)

Blogger Moordirt said...
Hey Hey Kevin,
Howdy to everyopne else also. I didnt really feel comfortable posting on here because I thought it was mostly a Lincoln thing here. I moved up here to Idaho in July, and am repping in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. I met Chad and Brian at the tradeshow and we seemed to hit it off. Later on I visited the Barn and found out that they are from Lincoln and thru the years I have met and gotten to know quite a fet of you Lincolnites. I don't know any of you real close but god damn there are alot of you all floating around and it seems like you all know each other.
A couple of weeks ago or so I was totally jonesing to go to the NAHBS and was talking to Chad and was venting to him that I wanted to go and he said how he and Brian also wanted to go too. He then thru out an offer that was real tempting so I started talking about it to my wife. After a couple of days she starting making references to me going to the show. Hot damn. I called Chad to let him know I was game and he let me know that so were he and Brian. Well as you can see we had a blast. We got to see some beautiful bikes, I got to meet up with some old friends, and I got to make some new ones. It was pretty cool introducing Chad and Brian to Chuck, Gretchen, and Louis. They all seemed to hit it off and we had a great day together with some great conversation. we also had trip to a cool old bikeshop that evedently most of us had to high of standards and everything we wanted was some serious collector shit. Only Louis came out of there with less money in his pocket and bike parts in hand. Overall a very memorable weekend. This is getting long and I know most of you are not use to long post on here so I'll shut it down for now.
Happy Trails

Blogger -kw said...
Right on, Rob.
Good to know you're still around and glad you got to meet and hang out with some OG Lincolnites.
Hope to see you sooner than later.
Stay sane.

Blogger redstone said...
Lincolnites are good peeps. Resistance is futile...

Good to here you on Lampin' there Rob. more posts from more folks is always good.

Blogger debaser said...
Lincoln only? Hah! If'n you like bikes, post away!