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Friday, March 9
Day two show pics
Ira Ryan

Peter Mooney

My favorite seatstays of the show.

Richard Sachs Lugs.

Spectrum paintjob
Blacksheep and sycip

Vanilla had the most well thought out booth. It look like an art exhibit.

Johnny cycles

B. Gordon bulleted ti seatstay.

Ritchey old school mtb

Bohemian Bicycles

Blogger debaser said...
Wow, just wow. All those bikes are just stunning in so many ways. I can't believe how many beautiful ways there are to make a bike.

Blogger redstone said...
King HS on darn near every bike. Bet that feels good if your initials are ck.

I like the black and red camel back framed bike and the pink bike. Pinkie wasn't strictly a show bike, either with that dirt.

Did it look like a fair number of the bikes out there were a some of these guys' personal rides?